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Ferré-D'Amaré Lab Research > RNA folding and dynamics

Biological functions of RNA such as small molecule recognition and catalysis require that RNAs fold into complex three-dimensional structures that are specified by their sequences. Moreover, different moieties of these folded structures sample a variety of conformations at diverse timescales. Crystallographic studies elucidate the folded conformations of RNAs, and can indirectly provide information on dynamics. For instance, comparison of structures of the domains of the hairpin ribozyme free and docked demonstrated that this RNA undergoes dramatic rearrangements upon assembly. Yet, its active site is remarkably rigid once assembled. Structural, biochemical and in vitro evolution studies of flexizyme suggest that this artificial ribozyme takes advantage of flexibility to achieve higher substrate specificity through induced fit. Examination of riboswitches bound to diverse ligands indicates that the conformation and stability of these gene-regulatory RNAs are modulated by the small molecules. Direct examination of folding and flexibility by small-angle X-ray scattering confirms this.

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